Schools and educational system of Andorra

Despite being a small country, the Andorran educational system is as peculiar as the country itself.

What are the 3 educational systems in Andorra?

The Andorran educational system has three, and we could even say four different teaching systems: The Spanish system, the French, the Andorran and the last to be added, the English. This is due to the historical coexistence of residents from neighboring countries: Spain and France, which after being governed for decades by systems imported from both the north and the south, Andorra incorporated its own educational system in the early eighties: The Andorran School. In recent years, the latest incorporation has been the British system, hand in hand with the British College of Andorra, which teaches subjects in the world’s dominant language: English.

Everything is due to the geographical location where the Principality of Andorra is located, since the influence of bordering countries plus the reception of thousands of tourists from all over the world, practically forces Andorran residents to know the most used languages as well as investment for the development of the country. In addition, as a snow tourist destination, the Andorran system includes the curricular subject of skiing as a compulsory subject fully subsidized by the state.


At what points do the three educational systems coincide?
  1. The powers fall to the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports.
  2. They are governed by the law of Andorra with agreements with Spain, France and Portugal.
  3. Compulsory education goes from 6 to 16 years.
  4. Families can choose to send their children to school from the age of 3 (Maternity Education) and up to the age of 18 (Bachillerato or FP)
  5. The systems are free, except in private centers.
  6. They have school transport provided by the Government of Andorra.
  7. They have skiing as a compulsory curricular subject, known as “school skiing”.


How is the Andorran educational system structured?

Although it is broadly assimilated into the Spanish system, it includes aspects focused on the idiosyncrasy of the country in aspects such as the identity, values, culture, geography, history and institutions of Andorra.
The Andorran system offers maternity and primary education centers in all the country’s parishes, secondary education centers are found in Encamp, Ordino and Santa Coloma, and Baccalaureate in Andorra la Vella.
Together, they all form what is called the Escola Andorrana and, obviously, the vehicle language is Catalan, although they combine teaching in French.

How is the Spanish educational system structured?

It depends on the Spanish Ministry of Education and has been operating in the Principality since 1993. The teaching program is based on the promotion of the Spanish language, culture, history and geography, teaching in Catalan (the official language of Andorra) and Spanish and French as vehicular languages in various subjects.

The educational centers that teach the Spanish system are: the Maria Janer School, which includes nursery and primary school of the Spanish School and the Spanish Institute, subsidized by the Government of Spain and is secular. In addition, we find the Escola Mare Janer, the Colegio Sant Ermengol and the Escola Sagrada Família, all three denominational and subsidized by the Government of Andorra despite belonging to the Spanish system. Finally, the Private School of the Pyrenees, Ágora International School, which despite following the Spanish system, approaches its teaching for an international projection, emphasizing the use of the English language.

How is the French educational system structured?

Since 2004, Andorra has enjoyed an agreement between the Government of the Principality and the Government of the French Republic, based on a signed agreement that contemplates absolute financing by the French state. Obviously, it follows the French curriculum and everything is taught in that language.

Regarding the available centers, we find in the three possible cycles: maternal, primary and secondary. We have two nursery and elementary schools located in Andorra la Vella and Escaldes-Engordany and seven primary schools in Encamp, Santa Coloma, San Julián de Loria, Massana, Ordino, Canillo and Pas de la Casa. Among all, the Lycée Conde de Foix stands out, located in a very central point of the capital.

Agora Andorra International and the latest addition: The British College Of Andorra

Founded in 1999, Agora Andorra became the first private school in Andorra, with the aim of offering Andorran families and newcomers a combined educational system. In 2017 it opens the doors to internationalization and is renamed Agora Andorra Interantional School.

The curricular system is based on a multilingual education, beyond the vehicle in English, students develop in three main languages: Spanish, English and French. Catalan, the official language of Andorra, is also taught at school.

In addition, with the opening of the country in many areas, the arrival of foreign investment and new residents from different countries of the world, Andorra completes its educational system with The British College Of Andorra. The British school teaches from the British National Curriculum with linguistic immersion in English from the age of 3 of the student with a loyalty until access to the University.

End of the journey: The University of Andorra

The educational path that gaudeixen the students of the schools located in the Principality of Andorra is considered one of the million systems of the world. They offer the possibility of gaining access to any university in the world with the necessary guarantees. Arabé, for those students who wanted to continue completing their training in the little country of the Pyrenees, they have the option of completing their studies at the University of Andorra (Ud’A).

Inaugurated in 1997, although it offered few sortides because of the youth, the series has evolved very quickly. Aquest fet has been propitiated by the sev international opening, and do not demonstrate the data published by l’AQUA (Agència de Qualitat de l’Ensenyament Superior) that show that more than 90% of the graduates were female before finishing the degree or during the first month closely.

En cuanto a las titulaciones que ofrece Ud’A se dividen en: Administración y Dirección de empresas, Humanidades, Derecho, Enfermería, Informática, Magisterio, Comunicación y Lengua. De todas ellas, las 4 primeras se ofrecen presencialmente, mientras que las restantes son virtuales y en colaboración con otras universidades. Además cuenta con varios masters y otros postgrados.

However, if your intention is to move with the family to live in Andorra, the academic part is more than well resolved, since the options to choose from are diverse and of quality. The attractiveness of Andorra goes beyond the possibilities and tax and business advantages or the charms of its territory, because such an essential factor as the education of children is, and will be, a priority for families and the country.

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